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Andrea Aviles - Master's of Bioentrepreneurship student from Puerto Rico

Programme: Master's of Bioentrepreneurship
From: Puerto Rico
Contact me in: Spanish, English

I want to take as many opportunities I can

After having done extensive research on study opportunities in bioentrepreneurship, Andrea decided on KI. The programme requires teamwork, responsibility and presence, something she believes will prepare her for professional life.

KIs international reputation was a plus when she was making her choice, but she also appreciates Sweden for its innovation, and believes learning to live in another culture will be beneficial for her.

Her best memory so far is when her classmates surprised her with cake, flowers, and eating out on her birthday, despite a hectic week with a lot of deadlines coming up. She knows she wants to work in different parts of the world, and is looking forward to adding on more stamps in her passports. She also sees herself working in a company in the health industry, looking for new projects to develop.

I come from the other part of the world, having a foreign university in my CV is very positive

Andrea will be sharing her experiences at KI on KI’s YouTube channel.