Anna - Master's in Health Informatics

Anna is an international student and digital ambassador at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Do you have questions about student life at KI? Send her an email or read her blog.

Programme: Master’s in Health Informatics

From: Poland

Contact me in: English, Polish


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My name is Anna, and on the 29th of June, I turned 24 years old. I am from Poland. I am studying the Master's Programme in Health Informatics at Karolinska Institutet. As a digital ambassador and blogger I will try to show you Swedish everyday life.

One of the most important things that motivates me is learning new things. I am a nurse and I have been working in an Operation Theatre and Pediatric Ward as of this year. I have wanted to combine my medical knowledge and my passion for programming, so I was looking for studies with this opportunity. I learned about Health Informatics at Karolinska Institutet two years ago, but only this year did I decide to apply - I know it's my time.

I have always been interested in Scandinavian culture; fika time is one of my favourites (If you don't know what fika is – you need to keep up with my blog)! I want to meet people with similar interests and to travel with them, especially to Kiruna. I like to cook, bake, and play basketball or chess in my free time. My hobbies are taking photos and editing videos. I'm also a Stephen King enthusiast. A fun fact about me is that I don't have space for more books in my room!