Apply for support when studying with a disability

Karolinska Institutet offers various educational support for students with a permanent disability. Here you can read about how to apply for support when you study at KI. To get the support you need to be registered for a course at KI.

How to apply

1. Submit your application via

You must attach to your application a document that proves permanent disability. In the document, your name (or Swedish personnummer) must appear, the name of the expert person who wrote the document, the date it was written and the scope of the activity for which it was written (for example, the name of the care facility). It also needs to be stated that your disability is long-term or permanent.

You might find everything you need in your medical record at In that case, you can take a screenshot and attach it to your application.

2. Schedule an appointment with the coordinator for students with disabilities (Bookable times will be published gradually.)

If your application is complete and it is clear what your needs are, it can be processed without a call. If you want to discuss support, you can book an appointment at any time during the semester, even if you have already been notified about support.

3. Send your certificate to the course director

After your application and your appointment with the coordinator, you will receive a certificate of recommended adaptations and support you've been granted during your studies. If you have been granted or recommended an adaptation, that your teachers should know about, such as adaptation during exams, you should send your certificate to the course director as soon as possible. You find your certificate in NAIS.

Decision or recommendation?

The coordinator for students with disabilities makes decisions about the supports related to the study situation. In the case of examination-related support, the coordinator makes a recommendation for support. The course examiner decides on the recommended grants, which can be granted or denied.

Period of validity

Your certificate has an expiration date. If you need support after this date, contact the coordinator for students with disabilities before the validity period has expired. If the validity period has expired, you need to submit a new application in NAIS.

Viktoria Hansson

Coordinator for students with disabilities
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