AT, TEUS, TULE and other proficiency tests

The AT test

In order to obtain a Swedish MD, students take the AT-test. For more information on the AT test, please visit this website (In Swedish).

The TULE test

The TULE test is a proficiency test for medical doctors qualified outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland. As of autumn 2016 the medical proficiency test is not given by Karolinska Institutet, it is given by Umeå university, for more information visit (In Swedish)

Read more about licensing on the National Board of Health and Welfare website. (In Swedish)

The TEUS test

The TEUS is a test for physiotherapists educated outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland. As of January 2017, the test is no longer called TEUS, instead it is called Proficiency test for physiotherapists. Read more here (in Swedish).

Proficieny tests for healthcare professionals educated outside EU and EEA

Karolinska Institutet arranges proficiency tests for the following professions: