FAQ – Medical Programme

Do you offer a medical programme in English at Karolinska Institutet?

No, the medical programme at Karolinska Institutet is entirely taught in Swedish. It is an integrated programme of 6 years, and one of the entry requirements is proficiency in Swedish equivalent to the level of the Swedish upper secondary school course Swedish 3.

Can I continue with medical studies if I first complete the bachelor’s programme in biomedicine?

No, the three-year bachelor’s programme in biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet does not lead to a medical degree. After the completion of the bachelor’s programme in biomedicine you can, for example, apply for any of our global master’s programmes.

Can I take Swedish language preparatory courses at Karolinska Institutet?

No, there are no preparatory Swedish language courses at Karolinska Institutet and we generally do not recommend anyone to study Swedish in order to meet the eligibility requirement for the medical programme. Applicants with Swedish language proficiency can take the TISUS test in order to show that they meet the requirement of the Swedish upper secondary school course Swedish 3.

How do I apply?

The application is made through University Admissions in Sweden at Antagning.se. The programme starts every autumn and spring.

What are the entry requirements for the medical programme?

The general entry requirement is a completed upper secondary (high school) education (post-16), and proficiency in Swedish and English equivalent to the level of the Swedish upper secondary school courses Swedish 3 and English 6. The specific entry requirements for the medical programme are the Swedish upper secondary school courses Biology 2, Physics 2, Chemistry 2, Mathematics 4 (field specific entry requirements A13), or the equivalent courses.

How do I know if the courses I have completed are equivalent to the specific requirements?

Once you have submitted a complete application, your upper secondary school courses will be assessed by University Admissions. In the assessment of foreign upper secondary school courses and grades, University Admissions uses among others the following country handbooks. Karolinska Institutet is not involved in the eligibility assessments and we cannot guide you regarding the assessments.

How do you select students?

The selection to the medical programme is among others based on upper secondary school grades and the Swedish scholastic aptitude test Högskoleprovet. The test is arranged twice per year in Swedish only. Applicants can sign up for the test at hogskoleprov.nu. Admissions to the programme is extremely competitive and applicants need top grades or a high score from the Swedish scholastic aptitude test to stand a chance in the competition for a place.

How much are the tuition fees?

The total tuition fee for the medical programme (6 years) is SEK 1.560 000:- for non EU/EEA citizens. EU/EEA citizens are exempted from the tuition fees. There are no scholarships for the programme.

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