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Best Exchange Report 2017/2018

During the spring semester 2018 Ida Bjessmo, student in Medicine, travelled to Norway to carry out an exchange study period at Tromsö University. Her exchange report, written in Swedish, has been awarded Best exchange report 2017/2018 at Karolinska Institutet.

Each academic year The Drafting Committee for International Issues (BIF), Board of Higher Education, awards three students that have written useful and interesting exchange reports. The three reports that contain the best and most vivid descriptions of the exchange study period, both academically and socially, that contains practical tips and advice on what to consider before, during and after the exchange are awarded.

On second place the committee placed Weng Tong, a student in the master's program in biomedicine, who did his exchange study period in Singapore and on third place, Jonathan Wiberg, dentistry student who made an exchange study period in Iceland (report in Swedish).

In their reports the students reflect about everything from the first steps before their applications are submitted to their experiences during the exchange, both academically and on a personal level. The appeal to their readers is to dare take the chance to apply for exchange studies - you will not regret it!

You will find all other published exchange reports online.