Bobby Simarmata – Master’s in Health Economics, Policy, and Management

Programme: Master’s Health Economics, Policy, and Management 

From: Indonesia 

Contact me in: English, Indonesian 


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Bobby Simarmata
Photo: Bobby Simarmata

Since plunging himself into the public health work area, the last two years prior to coming to Karolinska Institutet (KI) have been the most exciting for Bobby. As he was gaining a broader perspective of the health care system, he realized he wanted to become a health economist. Since KI has a vast reputation as a medical university, and it offers a well-rounded programme of Health Economics, Policy, and Management, Bobby decided it was a perfect fit for him.   

On campus, Bobby is looking forward to working with as many people as he can to obtain a broader perspective toward an issue and its solution. And while in Sweden, he wants to enjoy the archipelago and wood as well as the modern municipality. 

In 10 years from now, Bobby dreams of contributing to the reformation of the health care system in his country as a health economist. He pictures he will be working with several stakeholders from different disciplines to do so.  

In his free time, Bobby likes to play music, especially the guitar. But please note, he cannot sing.