Common questions Bachelor´s Programme in Biomedicine

Inika, who is currently studying her second semester in the Bachelor´s Programme in Biomedicine, answers.

Inika Prasad

What does a typical day/week look like in the Bachelor´s Programme in Biomedicine?

Every course and every week in the Biomedicine Bachelor’s look different. That’s one of the best things about it! Some things are present throughout though. Lab practicals and lectures are an integral part of the courses, although in different proportions. In addition, most weeks will include seminars or time set aside for individual studies. Most courses also include a group project for which group work time both with and without teacher assistance is allotted. You can expect to encounter several of these in a typical day or week.

How flexible are the hours?

In every course, there are a few mandatory sessions, while the others are highly recommended. Labs, exams, and project presentations tend to be mandatory. In this sense, the schedule is set but your hours are flexible. You may be able to compensate for absence by discussing it with the relevant teacher or course director. If you receive study support such as CSN then you may have an additional attendance requirement.

What’s the average grade required for admission? Do I need a Högskoleprovet as well?

There are two different admission rounds for the Bachelor´s Programme in Biomedicine. For the national admission selection is made on 66% grades and 34 % högskoleprovet. You will find information for more information.

The international admission round is based on grades. There is no cut off point, as admissions is relative to the upper secondary school merits of all the other applicants in the same admissions round. But historically, near top grades are required.


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