Connect on social media

As a new student, you might want to connect with your new university and get some inspiration of what it is like to study at Karolinska Institutet and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Here is a list of useful accounts and pages that will enable you to do just that.


Karolinska Institutet Student: Life as a student at KI. Hosted by KI's digital ambassadors.

KI Student: Open group for students at KI. In English and Swedish.

Medicinska Föreningen i Stockholm: The student union for students in medical sciences. In English and Swedish.

International Committee (Medicinska Föreningen): Promotes internationalisation within Medicinska Föreningen and KI and organise educational activities for international students.

Coffee Hour: Coffee and Swedish fika most Thursdays plus special events.

Global Friends KI: Organise activities that promote community among national and international students.


@kistudents: Life as an international student at KI. Hosted by KI's digital ambassadors.

@kibiblioteket: KIB is the University Library at KI and they are posting tips and hacks for smarter studying techniques.

@studyinsweden: Life as an international student at Swedish universities. Hosted by the Study in Sweden digital ambassadors.

@studyinstockholm: Life as an international student in Stockholm.

Youtube - Vlogs and campus tours

KI Student Vlogs (YouTube): Life as a student at KI. Watch videos created by KI's digital ambassadors.

Karolinska Institutet (YouTube): KI’s official channel. In English and Swedish.

Twitter – News about health, life science, and KI

Karolinskainst: KI's official Twitter account

Linkedin – Professional networking and alumni   

Karolinska Institutet (LinkedIn)

Weibo – if you live in China

Karolinska Institutet (Weibo): Run by KI's Chinese digital ambassadors.

Student blogs

Student blogs: Join KI's digital ambassadors for stories on what it’s like to study at Karolinska Institutet, and not to forget, a lot of useful tips!

Researcher blogs: Maybe you are considering a Ph.D. Here you can read about what it’s like to be a Ph.D. student at KI.

Study in Sweden blogs: International students from universities in Sweden blog about life in Sweden. Travel tips, Swedish culture, and more.