Connect on social media

As a new student, you may want to connect with your new university for some inspiration. Here is a list of useful accounts and pages that will enable you to do just that.


Karolinska Institutet: The official Facebook page of Karolinska Institutet.

KI Student: Open FB group for students at KI. In English and Swedish.

Medicinska Föreningen i Stockholm: The student union for students in medical sciences. In English and Swedish.

International Committee (Medicinska Föreningen): Promotes internationalisation within Medicinska Föreningen and KI and organise educational activities for international students.

Coffee Hour: Coffee and Swedish fika most Thursdays plus special events.

Global Friends KI: Organise activities that promote community among national and international students.

The Sports Committee: Idrottsutskottet - the sports committee of the student union.


@kistudents: Life as an international student at KI. Hosted by KI's digital ambassadors.

@karolinskainstitutet: The official Instagram account of Karolinska Institutet.

@kibiblioteket: KIB is the University Library at KI and they are posting tips and hacks for smarter studying techniques.

@kihealthpromotion: KI:s Health Promotion team share useful tips about the campus gyms and classes, anywhere movement and sustainability.

@idrottsutskottet_mf: The sports committee of Medicinska Föreningen, the student union for students in medical sciences (in English).


KI Student Vlogs: Life as a student at KI. Watch videos created by KI's digital ambassadors.

Karolinska Institutet: KI’s official channel. In English and Swedish.

Twitter – News about health, life science, and KI

Karolinskainst: KI's official Twitter account

Linkedin – Professional networking and alumni   

Karolinska Institutet (LinkedIn)

Weibo – if you live in China

Karolinska Institutet (Weibo): Hosted by KI's Chinese digital ambassadors.


Student blogs: Join KI's digital ambassadors for stories on what it’s like to study at Karolinska Institutet, and not to forget, a lot of useful tips!

Study abroad: KI students on exchange at a partner university share their experiences.

Researcher blogs: Maybe you are considering a Ph.D. An inside perspective on being a researcher at KI.