Course syllabus for

Professional Development 4, 1.5 credits

Professionell utveckling 4, 1.5 hp
This course syllabus is valid from autumn 2012.
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Course code
Course name
Professional Development 4
1.5 credits
Form of Education
Higher Education, study regulation 2007
Main field of study 
G2 - First cycle 2 
Grading scale
Fail (U) or pass (G)
Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology
Decided by
Programnämnd 4
Decision date
Revised by
Programnämnd 4 (Audionom- och Logopedprogrammen)
Last revision
Course syllabus valid from
Autumn 2012

Specific entry requirements

For admission to courses on Semester 5, it is required that the student has managed at least 80 % (96 credits) of the courses on semester 1 - 4.


The course is included in a streak in professional development which includes total 6 HE credits and runs through all study programme. The general aim with this streak is to give the student knowledge and tool to be able to develop an ethical and professional attitudes by developing both as an individual and in his professional role.

The expected learning outcomes of the course
On completion of the course, the student should be able to:
- Account for national and international research-ethical rules/statements and understand the creation of and the contents of the rules as well as the need of continuing review
- Inform, explain and consult with a patient in decision that concerns her and in research be able to acquire an informed agreement/refusals
- Distinguish fact issues from value questions and ethical problems from basic ethical standards and value conflicts
- Reflect around a professional treatment of patients, researchers, close, colleagues and other concerned on a favourably and respectful way in the handling health care
- Reflect on his own professional development personal development and consultation skill
- Carry out cardiopulmonary.av resuscitation according to current guidelines from Swedish HLR-council.


Professional Development 4, 1.5 hp The course material is presented on the PingPong platform Professional skills, where the different modules are presented. On this web platform the student also collects the written assignments, reflections and other materials to a so called portfolio that comes along through all modules in the streak. The different modules in the streak are given not under some specific week during the semesters but different parts are either integrated in other courses or occur on distance via PingPong parallel with other courses.

Specific contents of Professional skills 4:
In the course Scientific methods 3 research-ethical rules, both national and international, will be discussed. In the courses Hearing rehabilitation 2 and Diagnostics and habilitation of hearing impairments in children, informed agreement with patients and research subjects, professional treatment and ethical problems will be discussed .

Cardiopulmonary.av resuscitation is trained in a compulsory exercise session.

Teaching methods

Seminars, lectures, exercises and own reflections


Examination takes place through
Active participation in seminars and exercises
Written written assignments and reflections

For a Pass grade in the course, attendance at compulsory parts is also required. In case of absence from compulsory part, the student is responsible alone to contact course coordinator for complementary assignment. Being offered for students who not have become passed at the regular examination total possibility to six examinations, of which the three last in connection with the next occasion then the course is given.

Transitional provisions

Examination can take place according to earlier literature list during a time of a year after the date then a renewal of the literature list been made. Examination will be provided during a time of two years after a possible close-down of the course.

Other directives

Study supervision containing assessment criteria for examination, specific instructions for certain tasks and timetable with specification of compulsory parts and list of responsible teachers be distributed at the beginning of the course.
Course evaluation will be carried out according to the guidelines that are established by the Board of education. Course evaluation is carried out both through a written course evaluation at the end of the course and and through oral course forum at least once in connection with course where students can state his opinions.

Literature and other teaching aids

Lynöe, Niels Medicinska etikens ABZ Juth, Niklas
Holm, Ulla Det räcker inte att vara snäll : om empati och professionellt bemötande inom människovårdande yrken
Helgesson, Gert Forskningsetik för medicinare och naturvetare