Course syllabus for

Natural Remedies, 7.5 credits

Naturläkemedel, 7.5 hp
This course has been cancelled, for further information see Transitional provisions in the last version of the syllabus.
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Natural Remedies
7.5 credits
Form of Education
Higher Education, study regulation 2007
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Not applicable 
First cycle, in-depth level of the course cannot be classified 
Grading scale
Fail (U) or pass (G)
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
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Styrelsen för utbildning
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Education committee FyFa
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Course syllabus valid from
Spring 2019

Specific entry requirements

90 credits within health care or pharmacy. And proficiency in Swedish and English equivalent to Swedish B/Swedish 3 and English A/English 6.


On completion of the course, the students should be able to account for herbal remedies from a basic pharmacological perspective,  apply a scientific approach to the quality, safety, effectiveness, and usage pattern of herbal remedies in clinical situations. Upon completion of the course the students should also be able to describe and problematise the use of herbal remedies from a national, international and cultural perspective.


The course will treat the following:

  • The legal situation for herbal remedies and definitions nationally and internationally.
  • Herbal remedies from a user perspective.
  • The effect, quality and safety of the most commonly used herbal remedies in Sweden.
  • Basic pharmacology in relation to the most commonly used herbal remedies.
  • Use of herbal remedies for medical reasons in different cultures.
  • Use of herbal remedies within the scope of Swedish health care.

Teaching methods

To support student learning the following teacher mediated activities are offered: On-site and web-based lectures and, web-based discussions. Non-teacher mediated activites include self-studies, reading and reflections.


Written individual assignment. A student who has failed in the regular examination is entitled to participate in five more examinations.

Transitional provisions

The course has been cancelled and was offered for the last time in the spring semester of 2023. Examination will be provided until the spring semester of 2025 for students who have not completed the course. 

Other directives

Access to internet and basic computer experience are required, then a large part of the course is given via a web-based learning management system. The course participants will obtain introduction to the web-based learning management system in connection to the introduction of the course.

The course evaluation is carried out according to the guidelines that are established by the Board of Higher Education.

Language of instruction: Swedish. Teaching in English may occur.

Literature and other teaching aids

Bohlin, Lars; Bruhn, Jan G.; Burman, Robert Läkemedel från naturen : en integrerad del av medicinen