Course syllabus for

Scientific Approach and Methods for Quality Improvement 4, 1.5 credits

Vetenskapligt förhållningssätt och metoder för kvalitetsutveckling 4, 1.5 hp
This course syllabus is valid from autumn 2018.
Please note that the course syllabus is available in the following versions:
Autumn2013 , Autumn2018
Course code
Course name
Scientific Approach and Methods for Quality Improvement 4
1.5 credits
Form of Education
Higher Education, study regulation 2007
Main field of study 
G2 - First cycle 2 
Grading scale
Fail (U) or pass (G)
Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology
Decided by
Programnämnd 6 (Biomedicinska analytikerprogrammet och Röntgensjuksköterskeprogrammet)
Decision date
Revised by
Education committee CLINTEC
Last revision
Course syllabus valid from
Autumn 2018


After completing the course, the student should be able to:

  • show the ability to inform and teach different groups
  • demonstrate the ability to identify their need for additional knowledge and to continuously develop their skills.
  • show the ability to summarize science and present this in a poster


The course includes presenting its thesis at a radiological clinic and taking part in various ways to summarize and present science. In the course of the course, the student will be able to produce a poster.

Teaching methods

Oral presentation of essay and the preparation of scientific records.


Achieved course goals are examined by certificate of presentation at the radiological clinic and submitted and approved scientific records.

Literature and other teaching aids

Björklund, Maria; Paulsson, Ulf Seminarieboken : att skriva, presentera och opponera