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Course syllabus for

Pediatric and Orthoptic Technology and Care, 45 credits

Barnoftalmologi och ortoptik, 45 hp

This course has been cancelled, for further information see Transitional provisions in the last version of the syllabus.

Please note that the course syllabus is available in the following versions:
Autumn2010 , Spring2014
Course code
Course name
Pediatric and Orthoptic Technology and Care
45 credits
Form of Education
Higher Education, study regulation 2007
Main field of study 
Not applicable 
Second cycle, in-depth level of the course cannot be classified 
Grading scale
Fail (U) or pass (G)
Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Decided by
Styrelsen för utbildning
Decision date
Course syllabus valid from
Autumn 2010
This course syllabus is not available in English.