Course syllabus for

Nursing Care and Treatment for People With Ulcers, 7.5 credits

Omvårdnad och behandling av personer med sår, 7.5 hp
This course syllabus is valid from autumn 2022.
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Autumn2018 , Autumn2021 , Autumn2022
Course code
Course name
Nursing Care and Treatment for People With Ulcers
7.5 credits
Form of Education
Higher Education, study regulation 2007
Main field of study 
AV - Second cycle 
Grading scale
Fail (U) or pass (G)
Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society
Decided by
Utbildningsnämnden NVS
Decision date
Revised by
Education committee NVS
Last revision
Course syllabus valid from
Autumn 2022

Specific entry requirements

Professional qualification as a nurse certified by the National Board of Health and Welfare. Alternatively, current enrollment at the Specialist Nursing Program at Karolinska Institutet.


The general aim of the course is for the student to deepen his/her knowledge and skills in the area of wound healing/wound treatment in acute and intractable wounds.

Teaching methods

The teaching is based on a problem-oriented and collaborative approach to learning, in which the tasks provide opportunities for the student to take active responsibility for their learning. The used teaching methods are lectures, group discussions, proficiency training and individual studies. Teaching methods such as individual study assignments, work in groups and seminars also occur.


The examination is carried out by an individual written examination.

Participation in seminars and group work is compulsory. The examiner decides whether, and if so how, absence from compulsory course elements can be made up. Study results cannot be reported until the student has participated in compulsory course elements or compensated for any absence in accordance with instructions from the course coordinator.

Students who do not pass a regular examination are entitled to re-sit the examination on five more occasions. A student without an approved result after three examinations can be offered to retake the course or parts of it once more; subject to availability. . If the student has failed six examinations/tests, no additional examination is given. Each occasion the student participates in the same test counts as an examination. Submission of a blank exam paper is regarded as an examination. In case a student is registered for an examination but does not attend, this is not regarded as an examination.

Other directives

Course evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Education.

Literature and other teaching aids

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Sjöberg, Folke; Östrup, Leif Brännskador
Lindholm, Christina Sår
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Svårläkta sår hos äldre- prevention och behandling
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