Course syllabus for

Clinical course in orthodontics - orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, 15 credits

Klinisk kurs i ortodonti - ortodontisk diagnostik och behandlingsplanering, 15 hp
This course syllabus is valid from autumn 2011.
Course code
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Clinical course in orthodontics - orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning
15 credits
Form of Education
Contract education (credits)
Main field of study 
AV - Second cycle 
Grading scale
Fail (U) or pass (G)
Department of Dental Medicine
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Styrelsen för utbildning
Decision date
Course syllabus valid from
Autumn 2011

Specific entry requirements

Dental Degree of at least 180 credits. In addition, knowledge of English equivalent to English is required.


- demonstrate a deeper knowledge of different indexes for orthodontic treatment need - prioritise patients according to treatment needs - evaluate the risk/benefit of treatment - independently examine patients and to investigate the diagnosis of their malocclusion and tooth position anomalies - independently apply appropriate investigation methods - make a treatment plan that is founded in evidence-based knowledge - explain and justify a proposed treatment for the patient


Treatment Needs Indexes. Indications for orthodontic treatment. Prognosis. Complication and risks. Retention and stability. Medical and dental history. Clinical examination. Clinical documentation (impression taking, clinical photography, radiography, analysis of plaster models and radiographs, cephalometric analysis). Synthesis and problem list. Treatment plan (indication, objectives, form of therapy, treatment, prognosis, patient effort, risk / benefit). Patient information.

Teaching methods

Studies of textbook in seminars. Registration and examination of patients. Therapy meetings and discussion with arguments and counter-arguments. Rounds with other dental specialities. Presentations of therapy to patients.


Written examination in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Oral examination comprising test of the treatment needs assessment, diagnosis and therapy plan in previously treated cases. Assessment of the ability to apply the knowledge in the clinic.

Other directives

Language of instruction: English.

Literature and other teaching aids

Jacobson, Alexander; Jacobson, Richard L. Radiographic cephalometry : from basics to 3-D
Proffit, William R.; Fields, Henry W.; Sarver, David M. Contemporary orthodontics
Rakosi, Thomas; Jonas, Irmtrud; Graber, Thomas M. Orthodontic diagnosis
An introduction to orthodontics Mitchell, Laura; Doubleday, Bridget; Littlewood, Simon J.; Nelson-Moon, Zararna L.
Shaw, WC; O'Brien, KD; et al Quality control in orthodontics: : indices of treatment need and treatment standards 170 (1991) :3, s. 107-12