For students attending the course Industrial Management (6 ECTS) course code 4BP039

The course includes the following main areas in industrial management: industrial value creation, K / I analysis, product calculation, investment assessment, accounting, financial analysis, cash flow analysis, and financing.

2024-08-26 - 2024-10-11 (Note: own work and exams 2024-10-17 - 2024-10-25)



This course is given by the Department of Industrial Economics and Management at The Royal Institute of Technology.

The primary source of information about the course will be the course website at KTH which you will have access to once registered on the MBE programme.

Course evaluation 

The course will be evaluated in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Education.



Course leader at KTH

Mohammad Akhbari

Course leader
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Madelen Lek

Programme director
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Liisa Olsson

Course administrator
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Malin Sandell

Study Councelor
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Liisa Olsson