Let your LinkedIn make a great first impression for you

As a current student at KI, you have the opportunity, completely free of charge, to receive individual feedback on how you can improve your LinkedIn profile with help from job experts at Go Monday.

Go Monday's job experts will help you make a professional and friendly first impression when someone visits your LinkedIn. Enter the industry with a professional profile that showcases you in the best way!

  • Specially designed for students
  • Get feedback and advice on how to improve your profile
  • Get a score on how good your profile is
  • Get everything summarized in a neat report

⏲️ Feedback within 24 hours

What the job expert will give feedback on:

That your profile is adapted to the type of contacts you want

We go through your experiences and descriptions and help you emphasize what is relevant.

That your profile is optimized to create effect

We point out the steps you need to take to reach more people with your profile.

How to clearly demonstrate what you are contributing

We make sure that who you are and what you can achieve is reflected in your profile, so that your strengths and what you can contribute to becomes obvious.

That your profile is correct, easy to read and appealing

We help you make a good first impression and make sure that all parts end up in the right place.

How can I use this offer?

The service is offered together with Go Monday and is free of charge for all current students at KI. Fill out the form below to order a code that you use as payment for the service. The code is sent to the email address you enter in the form. After submitting the form and you have recieved the code, you can order the service via their website.

You can only use the free of charge-option on one of the Go Monday offers. The offer is only valid once per student.

In collaboration with Go Monday

We have collaborated with Go Monday since 2016 and offer feedback on CVs, personal letters or LinkedIn profiles free of charge (value SEK 349). 9 out of 10 KI students would recommend Go Monday to a friend.