Interprofessional Learning (IPL) day

In order to promote an early start to Interprofessional Learning (IPL), KI organizes a mandatory joint Interprofessional day for all first-year students in undergraduate programmes.

IPL occurs when two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes. 

In accordance with KI´s Strategy 2030:

Learning outcomes

The aim of the IPL-day is to emphasize interprofessional communication and collaboration. After completing their studies, all KI students should be well-prepared for close collaboration with other professions. By introducing IPL early, students have the possibility to start reflecting on their future roles in the health care system, aligning with the common intended learning outcomes for all programmes: 

  • identify and describe the competencies of the professions collaborating in their future field 
  • communicate and cooperate with other professions within their future professional environment 
  • analyse and reflect on how collaboration between different professions contributes to evidence-based care and rehabilitation, improved health and high-quality research. 

Cultural, interprofessional and transdisciplinary activities bring students and staff together, strengthen our sense of community, and enrich our perspectives.

Strategy 2030 - Creating Karolinska Institutet's future together

Dates for IPL day

The next IPL day for the Autumn 2024 semester will be held on 22nd October 2024. The morning sessions will be held live at the Södertörn’s Aula, while the afternoon sessions will be conducted at KI, Flemingsberg campus.  For more information, please refer to the Canvas platform, which you will be invited to closer to the date. 

IPL day
Interprofessional learning day Photo: Erik Cronberg

What happens on IPL day?

The key aspects of interprofessional learning and collaboration are introduced to you in engaging ways during the morning session.  You will gain a global perspective on health, have the chance to win prizes, and engage in presentations by an interprofessional healthcare team and hear patients’ perspectives on interprofessional collaboration. 

In the afternoon sessions all participating students are divided into inter-professional groups, where you interact to gain a better understanding of each profession's knowledge and competencies.  The sessions are led by two facilitators connected to different professions, in order to contribute different perspectives on interprofessional learning and collaboration.  

This joint day is compulsory for all first-year students and is a part of KI's overarching plan for IPL, thus an important part of the students' professional and interprofessional development.  


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Registration for IPL day takes place via your  programme. For more information, contact the IPL representative in your programme.

IPL day is obligatory. Attendance is taken during the afternoon sessions by the facilitators. 

The IPL day team registers attendance in the Canvas activity, while the program registers attendance in Ladok. 

You will need access to the Canvas activity during IPL day and a Zoom link where you can ask questions and access to internet to be able to respond to quiz questions.