Dasha Shvaikovskaya - Master's in Nutrition Science student from Estonia

Programme: Master's in Nutrition Science

From: Estonia

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Portrait of Dasha Shvaikovskaya

The decision to continue her education doing a master’s at KI was an easy one to make for Dasha. Having already completed a bachelor’s in biomedicine at KI she knew it was the right choice for her. She has been enjoying her courses a lot, and she considers the knowledge she is getting to be extremely valuable for her future.

In ten years’ time she could see herself working in a governmental institution promoting healthy lifestyle, nutritious & sustainable diets, and physical activity among the population in the country she will be in. From her time at KI she especially remembers the celebration of her 19th birthday with her, at the time, new classmates. They went to her favorite vegetarian restaurant Herman’s. Overlooking the beautiful view of Stockholm’s night-lights, she remembers thinking about how happy she felt to have met all these wonderful people.

One of her best memories was attending a digital health conference, with many local and global professionals working at the intersection of health and technology.

"..how happy and blessed I am to have met all these wonderful people thanks to KI."