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Deallus – an ‘intelligent’ career step for Daniela

Career Service at Karolinska Institutet offers internship opportunities for PhD students and postdocs as part of the course Career Skills for Scientists. Daniela Gödderz was invited to the course to share her internship experience with the current class of PhD students.

Daniela Gödderz started her career studying biology in Germany continuing into PhD-studies and eventually came to KI on a postdoc to do basic research on yeast. Time flew and suddenly 5 years at KI had passed by. Unsure of her next career step, Daniela applied for the postdoc internship opportunity the Career Service offers and found the internship project with Deallus Consulting in London intriguing.

The selection process consisted out of two parts. First she had to send in her CV, and then she had to prepare a case having only 10 hours in which to do so. She was challenged by the fact that she could not “dig too deep” and that she was thrown head first into something she felt she knew little about. The case was to be presented in a skype interview. Daniela proved her skills and was offered a 2 months internship that she begun in November 2015.

Deallus means “intelligent”

Deallus was founded by a Welsh couple hence the name. Deallus means “intelligent” in Welsh. Companies turn to Deallus Consulting to get a solution to a problem, like market analysis for a new product or to map out the competition when entering a new market. To win the project they first have to present a plan on how to solve the problem. If you win, the usual process starts with a kickoff followed by approximately 3 months for research and analysis, and finishes with the delivery and presentation of a report.

Career advancement within the company has a lot to do with the development of people and business skills, but also the fact that you have to perform or you are out. Also, in projects you can decide over time if you want to become a generalist or more of a specialist with a deeper knowledge in a function or a disease.

Daniela found the experience in the office in downtown London very different from her previous work experiences in the lab at KI. The contrast between the solitary lab work where it is difficult to discuss your problems and outcomes with colleagues, and the project work at Deallus which involved a lot of team work and sharing, was huge, and she enjoyed it.

Research in itself is a transferable skill

Daniela Gödderz, postdoc and intern at Deallus Consulting Nov-Dec 2015

Transferable skills

Daniela soon realized that research is in itself a transferable skill, being used to cover lots of text and data and selecting the most important pieces of information. Also presenting more complicated things in a couple of neat slides was another transferable skill. The more challenging part was how to get people to talk and to retrieve information in direct contact over the phone.

Daniela’s conclusion from the internship was that it is a great opportunity to try something different to see if you can see yourself doing it for a longer time. Plus while doing it realize that many of the skills from the time as a researcher are transferable, but that you will have to shift your focus from harder to softer skills.

The next step

Now Daniela is looking forward to developing her skills further. She has been offered a full time position in the company. It is time for the next step in her career.

In the photo: Kerstin Beckenius Career Service, Daniela Gödderz postdoc, Jonas Pedersén PhD MBA Executive Director and owner of Deallus Consulting, Anethe Mansén Career Service