Why choose Karolinska Institutet for your doctoral studies?

World leading university

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world - especially within medicine and life sciences. The outstanding reputation of KI attracts prominent academics within the medical field from around the world.

High quality medical research

The research at KI is world renowned and spans the entire medical field. At KI, preclinical and clinical research is conducted side-by-side. Research at KI is conducted in the following main areas: cancer and haematology, cell, molecular and structure biology, circulation and respiration, developmental biology and reproduction, endocrinology and metabolism, epidemiology and public health science, health care sciences, infection and inflammation, and neuroscience.

High quality doctoral education

KI has over 2000 registered doctoral students which mean that we educate more than one third of all doctors in medical science in Sweden. The doctoral students contribute to a great extent to the research performed at KI and there are plenty of opportunities for stimulating educational environment within many different research areas.

International environment

KI has an excellent international research environment with English as the main working language. The university seeks to ensure that the research training of its doctoral students meets the highest international standards and that those who obtain a doctoral degree more than fulfill the objectives of the doctoral education. After the doctoral education at KI the graduates have international career opportunities.

Student influence

The study environment is strongly influenced by the students, who are represented on all boards and committees at KI where decisions are made about doctoral education.

Student support

There are many different functions supporting the doctoral students at the university, e.g. a doctoral students’ ombudsperson, an active career service and a visiting researchers service.

The Nobel connection

Awarding the prestigious Nobel Prize every year has given KI an invaluable contact network and a unique survey of medical research results worldwide.


KI is situated in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, which offers comfort and convenience: there is good public transport, history, culture and business, all surrounded by plenty of green spaces and blue water. Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world and nearly 90 percent of the general population speaks English.

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