During the Exchange

Here you can find relevant information to keep in mind while you are on exchange abroad.

Address Abroad

It is important to inform your International Coordinator of your address and telephone number abroad as soon as possible after arrival. If something should happen during your exchange studies we need to be able to contact you. The same applies if you move during the semester.

Information on Studies Carried Out

Collect as much information as possible about the courses and/or clinical rotations you will carry out during your exchange (course descriptions, list of course literature, timetable, etc), to make it easier to transfer your credits on your arrival home. If possible, try to bring your certificates/reports of studies you have carried out with you when you travel home.

Are you Participating in the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme?

When the exchange period is finished, your International Coordinator (or similar) at the host university must fill out the form "Certificate of Attendance". The form is compulsory for all Erasmus+ students.

Be a Good Ambassador for KI

Take part in information meetings or fairs during your exchange studies and talk about your study programme, KI, Stockholm and Sweden. Some information material about KI in English is available from the Student Advisers. The Swedish Institute has good information about Stockholm and Sweden.

If Anything Should Happen

Always contact someone at KI if anything serious should happen to you during your exchange. Here you can read more about who you can contact if anything should happen abroad.

ICE - In Case of Emergency

Should something serious happen to you during your exchange, if you for instance become unconscious, it is a good idea to add ICE-contacts in your cell phone's address book. ICE is an international concept, where the paramedics quickly can get in touch with your next of kin. Remember to add the prefix "+" instead of "00" (which only works in Europe). The land code for Sweden is 46. For example, if you add your sister in Sweden as your ICE-contact, add her as "ICE SISTER +4670123456". You can add more than one ICE.

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