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Eden Black - Master's in Biomedicine student from Scotland

Programme: Master's in Biomedicine
From: Scotland
Contact me in: English

When I found what I was looking for ... I jumped at the chance.

Eden knew he wanted to leave the UK and explore somewhere new, and he knew he wanted to broaden his horizons across medical science. He chose KI because of the programme, the institution, and the adventure!

He is particularly looking forward to learning more about neuroscience and cancer. But even in more familiar subjects, he is already learning about cutting-edge research and techniques he have never encountered before. A day trip with friends to the Stockholm Archipelago stands out as an experience hard to beat so far.

In the future he want his knowledge and skills to make a difference in tackling health problems, no matter what he will be working with, or where he will be. He is certain that KI will help prepare him for that future.

I am learning about cutting-edge research and techniques I have never encountered before.

You’ll find Eden behind the scenes of KIs Facebook page - Karolinska Institutet Student.