Code of conduct while representing KI abroad

The Code of Conduct for International Student Mobility aims to clarify expectations of you as a student at undergraduate (bachelor) or master level at Karolinska Institutet (KI) when studying, conducting a traineeship/internship or otherwise representing KI abroad. Engaging in study or traineeship opportunities abroad is voluntary, and the decision to participate rests solely with you as a student at KI.

During your stay abroad, you are expected to: 

  • Inform yourself about the host country and the hosting organisation before and during your stay abroad.
  • Follow the instructions given by KI and the hosting organisation before departure and during your stay abroad, as well as the rules that apply at the hosting organisation. 
  • Follow the agreed course programme and respect the educational tradition and teaching methods of the hosting institution.
  • Inform yourself about the recommendations from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and how to act to ensure your personal safety in the host country and thus avoid putting yourself, fellow travelers, and the host at risk.
  • Act with respect for the host country’s culture and tradition, social norms, and religion.
  • Respect the host country’s formal dress code and code of conduct.
  • Show respect for others in accordance with KI's general Code of Conduct. 
  • Be a good representative of KI.                  

If you are unsure whether an activity is compatible with the Code of Conduct or otherwise poses a risk to you or others, you should consult with the contact persons at the hosting organisation or with responsible staff at KI before the activity. 

This document is a supplement to the current information on principles regarding attitudes and the code of conduct for students at Karolinska Institutet.