FAQ - Application for degree certificates

Here you will find frequently asked question about application for degree certificates.

Before you apply


Why should I apply for my degree, and how do I do that?

The degree certificate shows the degree you have obtained at Karolinska Institutet. It is a valuable document for the future whether you want to continue studying, do research or work. For many employers, a degree certificate is a requirement when you apply for work.

You need to apply yourself. https://utbildning.ki.se/examen-grundniva-och-avancerad-niva


Can I submit my application before I finish my last course?

You can apply for the degree when all courses you wish to include in your degree are completed and the grades are reported in Ladok. You can see your completed courses under the heading "Completed" under the tab “My education” In Ladok for students.


What is stated in a degree certificate, and what is a Diploma Supplement?

In your degree certificate, it is stated the title (for example " Degree of Bachelor of Medical Science with a major in Nursing") and the courses included in your degree.

The degree certificate will be written in both Swedish and English and is free of charge.

When you receive a degree certificate issued by a Swedish university you will automatically receive two appendices written in English. One is a so-called Diploma Supplement (DS) which shortly describes the education. It is not a substitute for the degree certificate but is just an appendix to it. The second appendix describes the Swedish higher education system. These two appendices aim to facilitate recognition and transfer of credits of a Swedish degree when you are about to get employed or for further studies abroad.


How is my degree certificate dated?

The award date on the certificate is the same date as the degree is issued.


Do I need to attach any documents to my degree application?

Normally, you do not need to attach any documents. If we need any certified copies, we will contact you when the application has been received and the processing has begun.


How do I apply for a course certificate?

Course certificates are issued by the department where you have studied your course. No information about your degree will show in a course certificate.




After you have sent in your application


Once you have submitted your application and you are logged in to Ladok for students, you can click the "Degrees and certificates" tab to see that the application has been received. Your application will be found under the heading "Cases" and the application's case number is also displayed there. Later on, you can see that the application is being processed and when your case is completed. Under “Issued certificates” you can see if a degree certificate has been issued.


How can I add information or change my degree application?

If you have submitted your degree application and wish to change or add information, you e-mail  examen@ki.se The appointed officer will receive your message. Since your degree application is already being processed, you shall not submit a new application only to attach additional information.


How will I receive my degree certificate?

The degree certificate will be sent by post to your civil registration address unless you have given another address in Ladok for students. It is therefore important that you check your contact details in Ladok for students. You will find these under “My pages”. Please, ensure that your e-mail address is correct in case we need to contact you. Please observe that it will take a few days for the degree certificate to arrive in the post after it has been marked as issued in Ladok for students.


How soon can I get my degree certificate?

The processing time varies during the year depending on the number of applications received and the complexity of your application. If your degree application entails a decision on transfer of credits, processing time may be extended.

The processing time is normally within 14 days, but you often get a decision earlier than that. Professional degrees with licence requirements from the The National Board of Health and Welfare https://www.socialstyrelsen.se/ are prioritised. During the summer the processing time may be longer for non-prioritised degrees.



When your degree has been issued


I have lost my degree certificate, or I need a copy of my issued degree certificate – how do I do?

You can get a verified copy of your issued degree certificate if you contact arkivet@ki.se. State your name, personal identity number, contact details and name of the degree.


I need to prove that I have a degree - how can I do this?

You can get a copy verified by Karolinska Institutet of your issued degree certificate if you contact arkivet@ki.se. State your name, personal identity number, contact details and name of the degree.


Share information about your degree (verification)

Once your degree has been issued, is it possible for you to share information about your degree with any recipient, e.g. an employer. To do this, log in to Ladok for students, select the tab "Degrees and certificates" and click on "Share certificate". There you can retrieve a control code that you can share with the recipient. The recipient can use the code, together with your personal identity number, to see information about your degree and the courses included.


How can I get my degree certificate legalized?

A legalization is a stamp that certifies that the signature on a document is genuine. If you need to legalize Swedish documents requested by or to be presented to a foreign authority, you can contact a notary public (designated in Sweden by the County Administrative Board Länsstyrelsen) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Government Offices of Sweden (Utrikesdepartementet/Regeringskansliet).

For information about the legalization of documents, please read on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: 




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