In case of acute concern for a student

When someone says they are thinking about suicide or say things that sound as if the person is considering hurting themselves, it can be very upsetting. You may not be sure what to do to help. Asking about suicidal thoughts or feelings won't push someone into doing something self-destructive. In fact, offering an opportunity to talk about feelings may reduce the risk of acting on suicidal feelings. On this page you will find advice, contact and other resources if you have concern for a student.

In the event of danger to life, property and environment

Call SOS Alarm 112.

9 short tips on how to help

  1. Ask the person how they feel. 
    The first step is to find out whether the person is in danger of acting on suicidal feelings. Be sensitive but ask direct questions.
  2. Show them that you care.
    Be yourself and tell them that you are worried about them.
  3. Be respectful and acknowledge the person's feelings.
    Don't try to talk the person out of his or her feelings. Remember, even though someone who's suicidal isn't thinking logically, the emotions are real. Not respecting how the person feels can shut down communication. 
  4. Offer reassurance that things can get better. 
    When someone is suicidal, it seems as if nothing will make things better. Reassure the person that with appropriate treatment, they can develop other ways to cope and can feel better about life again.
  5. Encourage the person to communicate with you. 
    Someone who's suicidal may be tempted to bottle up feelings because they feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed. Listen attentively and avoid interrupting.
  6. Encourage the person to seek treatment by contacting the nearest psychiatric emergency service.
    You will find phone numbers below. Offer to help the person take steps to get assistance and support.
  7. Call 112
    When in need for immediate action or intervention – if the individual has disappeared, is likely to harm themselves or others, or is threatening, talking about, or making specific plans for suicide, immediately call 112.
  8. Follow up
    If you, or the other person have to end the conversation, suggest a time and place where you can meet again to follow up on what you’ve decided earlier and what had happened since.
  9. Are you in need of support before or after meeting with the student? Contact Student Wellbeing Centre 08-524 835 70.

Psychiatric emergency services (daily 8–22, unless otherwise stated below). 

Contact the nearest psychiatric emergency based on the student´s residence or place of stay:

Campus Solna

Psykiatri Nordväst: Mobila akutenheten Karolinska (MAK) 08-123 680 90 
Sollentuna, Sigtuna, Sundbyberg, Solna and Upplands Väsby

Campus Flemingsberg

Psykiatri Sydväst: Jourmottagning 08-123 849 20
Huddinge, Älvsjö och Botkyrka

Other geographical areas

Mobila akutenheten Norra Stockholms psykiatri 08-123 484 00 
Bromma, Ekerö, Hässelby-Vällingby, Kungsholmen, Norrmalm and Östermalm

Psykiatri Södra: Jour-, bedömnings- och konsultationsenheten Rosenlund 08-1234 15 80
Södermalm, Enskede, Årsta, Vantör och Farsta, Skarpnäck, Nacka and Haninge

WeMind mobil psykiatri 08 518 019 00 
Nacka, Värmdö, Tyresö, Haninge and Nynäshamn 

PRIMA Jour- och bedömningsteam 08-580 04 100
Liljeholmen, Hägersten-Älvsjö, Skärholmen, Gröndal

Aleris psykiatri jourenheten Rinkeby 08-128 89 400 (24/7)
Spånga-Tensta och Rinkeby-Kista

Aleris psykiatri jourenheten Nordost 08-128 899 00 (24/7)
Danderyd, Täby, Vallentuna, Lidingö, Österåker, Vaxholm

Psykiatricentrum Södertälje 08-123 678 00 (Weekdays excluding holidays 8.00-16.30)

Tiohundra psykiatri- och beroendemottagning 08-123 264 83 (Weekdays 13-21 and weekends 10-20)




If your nearest psychiatric emergency clinic is closed, you can visit the psychiatric emergency clinic at Capio S:t Göran hospital (in Swedish). Please note that you cannot contact the clinic by phone. If you are in need of urgent psychiatric care but unable to transport yourself, call 112. 

On campus security

Guards' number Campus Solna: 08-524 864 29

Campus Fleminsberg 08-524 860 60

Hotlines and support

  • Mind suicide line, open 24 hours, every day. Call 90101. Support can also be received via chat or email.
  • Call (0)8 702 16 80 (+46 8 702 16 80 if calling from an international number) or chat with someone at the support helpline Jourhavande medmänniska (information in Swedish)
  • Kvinnofridslinjen – Sweden’s National Women’s Helpline 020-50 50 50 offers support to those subjected to violence and threats.