Incident - if something has happened

Have you been involved in an accident or incident, had an illness, seen a risk or want to make suggestions for improvement related to your study environment? Do you feel that you have been discriminated, harassed, victimized, treated abusivly or sexually harassed in your studies? In order to constantly develop KI as a study and workplace, we need to learn from events that have occurred. Therefore, it is important that you report what you experienced during your time here at KI.

112 Foto: N/A

In case of acute danger or emergency - call 112 SOS Alarm!

Otherwise call KI Alarm: 08-524 80 100.

Also do an incident report.

Threats and violence

Violence and threats in the workplace/study place is a serious work environment problem. KI does not accept that any student or employee is exposed to violence or threats in the study/work environment.

If you as a student are affected, or become aware that someone else has been affected, you can turn to a teacher, course coordinator, head of security, another employee whom you trust, a student and doctoral student ombudsperson or student safety representative.

Before reporting an incident

Feel free to contact someone in the course management (course coordinator or examiner) to talk through what happened before you report an incident. Often a solution can be found immediately after a talk. Find contact information for the course coordinator and examiner on the program's website.

Download the new app to report incidents
Download the new app to report incidents.

New app for reporting occupational safety and health incidents

You can report study and work environment incidents via the app: IA - Avvikelser i arbetsmiljön. If you have previously downloaded the IA app, you need to download the updated version and delete the old one.

Login information for students: 

Username: AppaccountKI

Password: IasystemAppKI

Instructions for using and reporting through the app

Use one of these 3 entrances to report a significal event:

What happens to the report?

Your report will be investigated by the department coordinating the course. KI's Safety- and Security unit investigates reports concerning safety. If you want, you can make an anonymous report. If the anonymous report is about the psychosocial environment (for example discrimination or victimization), it may be more difficult (or impossible) to investigate a reported incident. Instead, provide as much information as you can about the incident (time, place, name, etc.) so that the investigator will have the opportunity to make a thorough investigation.

If an incident occurs during work-based training (VFU), you must contact the course coordinator at the department at KI who coordinates the course (or manager, teacher, safety manager or another employee whom you trust or a student safety representative). Do not forget to also report the incident via the entrance  Accident/illness/incident or discrimination/harassment/victimization/abusive treatment/sexual harassment. You can choose to only report the incident via the digitally. If you also contact the responsible manager for the concerned health centre or similar, the incident can probably be investigated more quickly.

Do you need support?

If you need help with reporting, you can turn to the study counsellor, the course coordinator, another teacher/administrator that you trust or a student and doctoral student ombudsperson.

If you want to talk to someone about what you have experienced, you can turn to a study counsellor, the course coordinator, another teacher/administrator you trust, the Student Health, a student and doctoral student ombudsperson or a student safety representative.