Inés Rivero García - Master's in Molecular Techniques in Life Science student from Spain

Programme: Master's in Molecular Techniques in Life Science
From: Spain
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"I find research very exciting and that’s one of the reasons I chose KI"

Inés is looking forward to meet ambitious students and get in touch with cutting-edge research at KI. At the time of applying, she was equally intrigued in experiencing the Swedish lifestyle and coping with the cold!

As a student she appreciate that the teachers at KI try to help the students as much as possible and that they get to listen to speakers that excel in their fields. She is very excited about the up-coming courses in programming and bioinformatics. For Inés being part of the KI community is more than getting a KI diploma. It’s also about participating in student activities, attending conferences and even Nobel lectures to meet inspiring students and researchers from all around the globe.

In ten years from now she will have a PhD and work with big data in molecular biology. She can’t wait to see what the future has in store!