Information about exchange studies and studies abroad related to the corona virus during the Fall semester 2021 and Spring semester 2021

Information regarding exchange studies and studies abroad

Autumn semester 2021

As vaccination coverage increases and the spread of infection decreases, the international pandemic situation is expected to develop as more countries reopen and travel restrictions are lifted for many countries. Despite this, the situation is uncertain, and KI advises students planning to study abroad during the autumn semester to closely monitor the situation in the receiving country, to follow the Sweden’s Foreign Ministry's current travel restrictions and to consider in their planning that the situation may change with short notice. If the situation is heightened, KI may decide to immediately revoke nomination decisions for exchange studies, due to imperative security reasons. If you have any questions regarding exchange studies please contact one of the international coordinators at KI.

Spring semester 2021

We know that there is some concern among our students at the moment in view of the spread of Coronavirus.  We would therefore like to inform you that we at Karolinska Institutet are continuously keeping up to date on the situation and developments, not only in Sweden, but also abroad.

As the situation in the world remains uncertain as a result of the Corona pandemic, Karolinska Institutet (KI) advises you not to go on exchange during the Spring semester 2021 in line with travel restrictions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sweden and with reference to the fact that conditions may change at short notice. If the situation worsens, KI may decide to immediately revoke the decision to suspend studies abroad due to compelling security reasons.

What happens if your exchange is cancelled by the hosting institution

If you are unable to carry out your exchange studies as planned – because the hosting institution cancels your exchange on short notice or you yourself decide not to go – a consequence may be that you lose the guaranteed study place on course(s) that you should have taken at KI and have to resume your studies later. KI cannot reimburse for expenses you incurred related to your exchange studies if for any reason the exchange is not carried out or cancelled.

These are a few reasons to why your exchange studies might not be able to be carried out as planned:

  • the hosting institution suspends or cancels exchange studies at short notice
  • quarantine regulations in the host country
  • closed country borders
  • travel restrictions/recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • canceled or delayed flight or train travel
  • changed terms and conditions for insurance (Student OUT)

If you still plan to carry out your exchange studies, we ask you to contact your International coordinator. Please also contact your student counselor to inquire about the possibility of being offered a study place at KI in case of a late drop out from exchange studies. It is also of highest importance that you keep yourself informed of the latest terms and conditions for Kammarkollegiet’s insurance Student OUT and inform your International coordinator before departure to your study destination.

If the exchange is canceled, contact your International coordinator.

You are welcome to contact your International coordinator if you have any questions.

University management is on high alert and working proactively, and our web (see below) is continuously updated. It is important that you stay up to date as the situation can change quickly: