Introduction to Urology

Introduction to Urology will set you on a path to a basic understanding of urology geared towards anyone interested in clinical medicine.

This MOOC is archived, all material is still accessible

Course Content

Urology is the clinical science of diseases within the genitourinary system of males and females. Anatomically it includes diseases in the upper urinary tract like the kidneys and ureters, the lower urinary tract like the urinary bladder and urethra, and the male inner and outer genitals like the prostate, testicles and the epididymis.

Many of the symptoms from these organs belong to the top 100 most common symptoms for which patients seek help. This course will set you on a path to a basic understanding of the most common symptoms from the genitourinary system. You will also be introduced to investigations and treatment options for some of the most common diagnoses behind the symptoms.

  • Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) - Symptoms from the lower urinary tract like dysuria, incontinence, weak stream
  • Hematuria - blood in the urine
  • Pain and/or lumps in the scrotum
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - a common condition strongly associated to quality of life in men AND women

You might think that urology merely is a surgical specialty but that opinion couldn’t be more wrong. Today urology is a speciality including numerous new and common non-surgical and pharmaco-therapeutic alternatives. Our goal for participants taking this course is to gain knowledge and instil confidence in basic clinical reasoning within the urological field.

The course will include clinically relevant cases.

Course Staff

Lars Henningsohn, MD PhD Associate Professor, is the president of the Swedish Urological Association and an Associate professor in urology. He has been the main teacher in Urology at Karolinska Institutet since 2001. Lars has received many pedagogical prizes for his teaching methods and clinical mentoring and is constantly trying out new joyful teaching and learning activities. For the past seven years he has been the director of studies for the 4th year students at the MD program taking the course in Basic surgery including clinical rotations within the surgical sciences. Lars is passionate about teaching and feels that education prepares for the future and that is why it is so important. The main goal for the coming generation of students must be to acquire all the knowledge and experiences shared by the teacher. This will lead to better health care.

Lotta Renström Koskela, MD PhD Clinical Teacher, is a urologist at the Karolinska University Hospital and a clinical teacher in urology at Karolinska Institutet. Her main interest is functional urology, neurourology and reconstructive urology. She works primarily with patients suffering from urinary incontinence and bladder emptying problems after major surgery and radiotherapy to the pelvis, as well as patients with bladder emptying problems related to injuries and diseases of the nervous system. In addition, she is genuinely interested in education and is a popular teacher and tutor in urology. Together with Lars Henningsohn, she has participated in developing Karolinska Institutet’s education in urology.