Isabella Pepe - Master's in Global Health

Programme: Master's in Global Health

From: Brazil

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Isabella Pepe

Isabella picked Karolinska Institutet for a number of reasons: great researchers in the health field, a one year master’s fitted her plans, she would get to study with people from all over the world.

She is looking forward to learning more about global health and its many branches. But also to learn from her classmates and their countries, languages and perspectives. As for living in Sweden she expects it to be as challenging as exciting!

In ten years from now, she pictures herself working with research or public health policy, maybe both at the same time! Surely she will change her mind about the exact direction along the way, but hope to apply her new knowledge in achieving more equitable access to health services.

She enjoys going out for walks, eating sweets, seeing new places, studying languages, watching series and just hanging out with friends.