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Jing Wu - Master's in Public Health Sciences student from China

Programme: Master's in Public Health Sciences
From: China
Contact me in: Chinese, English

I feel so lucky to be part of the international union of students at KI.

Jing has a mission to help prevent disease and promote health in human beings. She decided to pursue her mission at KI after falling in love with Sweden reading travel books. The fact that KI is a top school with world class academic facilities made the decision that much easier!

After graduating from KI, I will be equipped with solid applied research skills and communication skills which are the stepping stones I need when applying for jobs.

Jing hopes the Master’s in Public Health Sciences will help her gain an in depth understanding of Public Health. So far, the course has lived up to expectations with her first course providing a systematic overview of Public Health through seminars, lectures, group works and role-play-games.

In the future, she hopes to use this to become an academic researcher so if you’re thinking of something similar, maybe you should get in touch!

You can follow Jing on Chinese social media Wechat and Weibo (Chinese only).