KI's organization for education in the first and second cycle

This page gives you an overview of the organization.

Course level

The department responsible for the course has responsibility for implementation, examination and quality assurance. For each course a course coordinator and an examiner are appointed. Each department also has an Education Committee that has the overall responsibility for the department's courses.

GUA – responsible for education in the first and second cycle at the department

At each department there is a person appointed (GUA) who has overall responsibility and decision-making powers, on delegation from the head of department, for educational issues at the first and second cycle.

The GUA is chairman of the Department's education committee.

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Course Coordinator

The course coordinator (teacher) must ensure that the course is coherent and that the core themes within the course and other courses within a program are clear to students and teachers. The course coordinator is responsible together with the examiner of the course for the continuous development and improvement of the course and in this must take into account previous course evaluations. The course coordinator also communicates to students and teachers the goals of the course, the content and the pedagogical theme that will support the students’ learning process.

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The examiner is the teacher who decides on grades for the course and if the student has passed or failed. The examiner is responsible for ensuring that the examination is appropriately designed in accordance with the syllabus and that the assessments will be consistent. In a course there can also be teachers that assists the examiner, for example, with formulating or correcting examination assignments.

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Program level

Education committee/Programme committee

The Education committee/programme committee is responsible for the quality and quality assurance of the education programs as well as the integration, progression, scientific and professional ties in relation to the objectives of the programme syllabi. This means to develop, evaluate and quality assure the programs. The chair of the program responsible to board of education is the department's GUA. There is also a chair for the program committees. Part of this is to develop and evaluate and the programmes. 

Programme director

The program director is part of the education committee/program committee and has an overall responsibility for the ongoing work in the educational program. It includes quality assurance and coordination of the courses included in the programme. 

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Overall strategic responsibility

Faculty Board

The Faculty board has the overall strategic responsibility for education, research and collaboration with the surrounding society at the Karolinska Institute (KI). Main areas of responsibility are resource allocation, quality systems, recruitment of teaching and research personnel, infrastructure and internationalization.

Committee for Education at the first and second cycle

The Committee for undergraduate and advanced level education is tasked with supporting the faculty board through preparation, quality control and execution within the field of education.


Frida Engman