Merit assessment for the free-standing course Public Health Response in Disasters (20 credits)

Here you will find information about the merit assessment model that is used for selection in the free-standing course Public Health Response in Disasters (20 credits). The merit assessment model will apply from, and including, the autumn semester 2022, but may, if necessary, be revised until 2023. It has been approved by the Board of Education (UN).

Applicants to the free-standing course Public Health Response in Disasters must first of all qualify according to the specific entry requirements. If there are more qualified applicants than places on the course, a selection among the applicants must be made.  In the free-standing course Public Health Response in Disasters the selection is done based on an overall assessment of the applicants previous education, relevant professional experience, as well as motivation for completing the education. The assessment of these merits are done according to the criteria stated below.

1. Specialisation/subject focus of the undergraduate degree (1 - 2 points)

Relevant: 2 points

Satisfactory: 1 points

Certified according to the instructions on

2. Relevant work experience (0 - 3 points)

Very relevant: 3 points

Relevant: 2 points

Not relevant: 0 points

CV and certification of employment should be attached.

3. Scope of relevant professional experience (0 - 3 points)

More than three years: 3 points

2 to 3 years: 2 points

Less than two years: 0 points

4. Letter of motivation (0 - 3 points)

Clearly written, well-structured and logical argumentation: 3 points

Relevant to the content: 1 points

Not relevant or missing: 0 points

Letter of motivation should be attached.

5. Overall assessment of the applicant (0 - 6 points)

Excellent applicant: 6 points

Very good applicant: 4 points

Good applicant: 2 points

Satisfactory applicant: 1 points

Sufficient applicant: 0 points


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Åsa Svensson