Mireia Mateo - Master's in Bioentrepreneurship

Mireia Mateo

Mireia had a dream: Living in Stockholm in a cute apartment, Scandinavian style. She also wanted to study business. When she discovered the Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship at KI, it turned out the perfect combination!

She is excited to get to know people from different countries, spend time with new friends, eat tons of 'kanelbullar', experiencing the snow, learning Swedish, go to a cabin in the archipelago…the list is long!

In 10 years time she’ll I have her own reality TV show, so popular she get to appear on the Forbes list as a billionaire. Jokes aside, for now she prefers full focus on the present. 

She loves to procrastinate! She’s at her best when she has tons of stuff to do and end up singing, trying new filters on Instagram, watching random videos on YouTube, and editing photos.