Nutrition Science 2023-2024

Courses for incoming exchange students in Nutrition Science

To be accepted as an exchange student at Karolinska Institutet you must be enrolled at a higher education institution that has a written exchange agreement with Karolinska Institutet for the specific study programme of interest. Check with the International Office at your institution (either the central office or your faculty's/department's office) to see if there is an agreement and whether you are eligible to go on exchange.

To find the syllabus for the course or project you are interested in, follow the link to the course syllabus archive above.

You need to enter the course codes to access the syllabuses and they can be found right before the name of the courses or projects listed on this page.


All courses are full-time courses and require at least 40 hours of work per week. The courses are given in blocks, and you can only attend one course at a time. One week of full-time studies corresponds to 1.5 ECTS credits, while one semester is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits.

The performance will be graded in accordance with the ECTS grading scale and on the basis of the student´s fulfillment of the learning outcomes stated in the course syllabus.

General requirements 

Specific requirements:

  • For curricular courses at least two years (120 ECTS credits) of studies in nutrition science.
  • For research-oriented projects a bachelor's degree or a professional degree equivalent to a Swedish bachelor's degree of at least 180 ECTS credits in biomedicine, cellular and molecular biology, pharmaceutics, medicine, nutrition or the equivalent. 
  • In addition, other specific requirements may apply.

Study options

Curricular courses

Semester 1 (Autumn)

Semester 2 (Spring)

Research-oriented projects

The Master’s programme in Nutrition Science offers research-oriented projects during both autumn and spring semester. You can choose between 7.5, 15 or 30 ECTS credit projects covering 5 weeks, 10 weeks or 20 weeks respectively.

You should make your own initial arrangements and secure the collaboration of a prospective project supervisor prior to applying to Karolinska Institutet. The most successful approach is to participate in an ongoing research project within your area of interest. When you initiate contact with potential supervisors, inform them that you will apply for exchange at KI. Supervisors are in high demand and may not be able to respond to your enquiry immediately, so please be patient. When you have received confirmation, you state the subject area and the name and contact details of your supervisor at KI in your exchange application form. If you need assistance, please contact the international coordinator.

  • 2EE119 Project in Nutrition Science for Exchange Students, 7.5 ECTS credits
  • 2EE120 Project in Nutrition Science for Exchange Students, 15 ECTS credits 
  • 2EE121 Project in Nutrition Science for Exchange Students, 30 ECTS credits

For more information about the study programme please visit the website:

Master's Programme in Nutrition Science 


Application deadlines

  • 1 May for the autumn semester (for the autumn semester 2023, end of August to mid-January)
  • 1 November for the spring semester (mid-January to the beginning of June)


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