Pedagogical accommodations for students with disabilities

Karolinska Institutet can provide students and doctoral students with disabilities with pedagogical accommodations during their studies. The purpose of the accommodations is to offer the same high level of education and the same quality study environment for all students, regardless of disability.

What is the definition of disability?

Disability is defined as: a permanent physical, mental or intellectual impairment of functional capacity which was either caused by an injury or illness already at birth, which arose thereafter, or which may be expected to arise. (The Discrimination Act).

Examples of accommodations

Personalized aids and apps

For personalized aids, please contact your local health center

For students with dyslexia, here are some apps for iPhone/iPad, and Android respectively (in Swedish). KI does not provide financial support for apps.


The coordinator for students with disabilities, the study counsellor, and staff at the student's heath centre will not disclose information about a student's personal circumstances to a third party without the student's explicit consent. However, for adaptations that need to be made within the scope of your education, for example, if you need an alternative exam, you will need to discuss this with your teachers.

Viktoria Hansson

Coordinator for students with disabilities

Visiting address: Education Support Office, Berzelius väg 3, 5 tr, campus Solna