Planning your arrival

So, you have been admitted to one of our Global Bachelor or Master Programmes? Congratulations! To be properly prepared, it is important to follow all the steps outlined in the pre-arrival information for Global Bachelor's and Master's students. This information can be found in the Pre-arrival guide, on this website and in newsletters.

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Pre-arrival guide and newsletters

In the booklet Pre-Arrival Guide for Global Bachelor's and Master's Students you will find all the information you need to prepare for your studies at Karolinska Institutet. This includes check-lists prior to and upon arrival. Important information will also be sent to you once a month via email using the header "News for Admitted students" from our study-guidance email, so do make sure you check your email, including your spam filter. The first email is sent shortly after the admission notification results.

Visa and residence permit

If you plan to stay in Sweden longer than three months and are not an EU/EEA or Nordic citizen, you will need to contact the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) to arrange for a residence permit. We strongly recommend that you initiate the visa and residence permit application procedures as soon as possible after you receive your notification of selection results. All visa/residence permit enquiries are handled directly by your embassy and the Swedish Migration board. You will need to provide them with exact semester dates, you can find them on our Academic calendar page.

> Read more about visas and residence permits


There is a lack of student accommodation in the Stockholm area.

Fee-paying master's and bachelor's students (including those receiving scholarships) are guaranteed accommodation with KI housing, but must still apply for this via KI housing's website as soon as they have received their notification of selection results. EU/EEA and Swedish students must arrange for accommodation in Stockholm on their own.

It is very important to start looking for and signing up for lists of accommodation as soon as possible after receiving your notification of acceptance. Exact semester dates can be found on our Academic calendar page.

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Before arriving in Sweden, you need to review your insurance coverage. In order to be fully covered, all students are strongly advised to take out their own insurance for illness and accidents. Most insurance companies require you to have insurance before you leave your home country so please read the instructions carefully.

>Read more about insurances

Medical care

If your study programme is more than 1 year in length you are eligible for a Swedish personal number and automatically fall under the Swedish healthcare system. You will receive a letter to your place of residence identifying your local healthcare center for check-ups and appointments and of course you can go to the emergency department of a hospital should you need to.

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Living costs and funding

The cost of living in Sweden is quite high compared to other countries and international students must be prepared for this. Students have to finance their stay in Sweden with grants, study assistance from their home country and/or personal funds as Karolinska Institutet is not able to offer financial support to students for their living costs. When applying for a residence permit you must prove to the Swedish Migration Agency that you will have a guaranteed sum of money at your disposal throughout the entire period of your studies. The amount is SEK 8, 514 per month for ten months of the year. If you wish to bring your family you must show that you have at your disposal an additional SEK 3,500 per month for your spouse and SEK 2,100 per month per child.

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Opening a bank account

It's not always necessary for international students to open a bank account in Sweden while studying here. But if you need one, be prepared that it can be rather tricky for international students due to strict regulations and security aspects.

Read more about opening a bank account

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    Pre-arrival checklist

    Some things are good to keep in mind preparing for your journey.

    To-do list

    • Confirm that you will attend the programme you have been admitted to
    • Pay the first tuition instalment, if applicable.
    • Apply for accommodation.
    • If you would like to be met, be sure to register via the link in the May and June edition of KI News for Admitted Students.
    • Register to attend the introduction week for international students through the KI News for Admitted Students newsletter
    • Check if you need a visa for entering Sweden.
    • Apply for a residence permit (if needed)
    • Sort out insurance coverage for the full period of your stay in Sweden
    • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after you plan to return to your home country
    • Contact your bank and make sure that you have access to your bank account while in Sweden or that you will be able to transfer it to a Swedish bank account


    What to bring

    1. Officially certified copies of diploma/degree certificate and transcripts (in both original language and translation if applicable). You need to enclose these when you apply for a master's degree certificate after you have completed your your master's programme. You do not have to show them at registration.
    2. Printable pdf-file of notification of selection results from
    3. Insurance documents
    4. Mobile phone, if European or Asian-Pacific GSM 900/1800 standard (a pre-paid card will be given to all students during introduction week)
    5. Winter clothing and umbrella or rain gear, if possible and applicable
    6. Valid passport (stamped with valid student visa, if applicable)

    Contact, registration and roll call

    For contact, registration and roll call information, please visit the programme or course website corresponding to what you have been admitted to according to your notification of admission. You will also get this information in the programme welcome letter from your programme director.

    To the programme websites (click on "Newly admitted students")

    To the course websites

    Pick-up service

    To make your arrival in Stockholm as smooth as possible, we offer a pickup service for international students. If you wish, we can arrange for a student ambassador to meet you at the Stockholm City Terminal (T-Centralen) and escort you to your accommodation. You will be travelling by public transport to your accommodation, and you will be able to buy your public transport ticket at the City Terminal with the help of the pick-up-service student.

    As soon as you have the details for your arrival in Stockholm, please e-mail the following to

    • Day and time of arrival
    • Flight number and airport
    • Accommodation in Stockholm
    • Mobile phone number

    Transportation from the Airport

    There are several ways to get to Stockholm City Terminal from one of Stockholm's three airports, Arlanda, Bromma and Skavsta. The best option is usually Flygbussarna Airport Coaches. You can also use SL - Stockholm Public Transport.

    Getting you keys

    If you will be staying in Strix or Pax in Solna, the keys will be collected for you in advance. If you will be staying at Jägargatan, you will receive an e-mail from KI Housing with a code to a key box, where you can collect your keys upon arrival at Jägargatan. For accommodation arranged privately, you will have to make your own arrangements for collecting the keys.

    Introduction week

    An introduction week is arranged at the end of August for all new students at Karolinska Institutet with practical information about studying at KI. Read more about introduction week.

    Swedish course

    All international students on bachelor's and master's level are offered a complimentary Swedish course upon arrival.

    If you feel like learning Swedish before you arrive, Swedish Institute offers a free beginners course online.

    MRSA screening for clinical students

    For students taking part in clinical education during their exchange, screening for MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is required before performing any intimate procedures. The screening must be carried out at the Student Health Centre at Karolinska Institutet as soon as possible upon arrival.

    Please note that the screening upon arrival in Sweden must be done regardless of previous screening in your home country. For more information, please contact the Student Health Centre.

    Upon arrival checklist

    During your first few days/weeks in Stockholm it is important to finish your remaining paperwork for all activities related to living in Sweden and studying at Karolinska Institutet.

    • Tell your family you have arrived safely!
    • Buy an SL transit card if you plan on using public transit or purchase a bicycle
    • You can buy a reloadable SL card at ticket offices at some metro stations, SL Center, and tickets agents (such as Pressbyrån, Seven-Eleven and certain supermarkets)
    • is a website where people sell their items, you can find bicycles for sale here or at a local bicycle store
    • Apply for a personal number by visiting one of the tax offices (Regeringsgatan 109, Stockholm city Lindhagensgatan 76, Kungsholmen Järnvägsgatan 20, Sundbyberg Färögatan 5, Kista)
    • Apply for residence permit, if needed
    • Get a bank account, if needed
    • Get a SIM card for your phone (a pre-paid SIM-card will be given to all new students during Introduction Week)
    • Register for Career News with your ki-email address
    • Learn the important emergency numbers and identify your local community office, health centre, etc. You can translate the Stockholm city site for this information
    • Explore! And make sure you indulge in the local food and coffee