Preventing Illness or Promoting Health: Concepts and Illustrations from Healthcare Science Perspectives (1.5 credits)

Course code: H1F5222

The aim of the course is to facilitate a critical dialogue about concepts of prevention and promotion along a knowledge continuum within health care sciences research.

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Applying to the course

The course is given as part of the Doctoral Programme in Health Care Science (PUF-V) but may also be taken as an individual course when it is given.


KI's courses are open for registered doctoral students at all higher education institutions, as well as for KI post docs. If space allows, other applicants with a PhD may also be accepted. 


Application for the fall semester 2024 is not possible as the course will not be running during this period.

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About the course

This course is designed to constitute a series of short expert lectures, panel discussions from current projects, and ethics debates, which will culminate in the foundations for an oral examination. The learning experience builds on a mix of active reading and reflection in combination with dialogue in tandem with taking part of lectures, panels, and debates. The course requires active involvement of the learner through active participation in the scheduled learning activities. See course syllabus for more detailed information.


All course activities are mandatory. Absence of max 20% can be compensated for by additional tasks in agreement with the course organiser. At least 80% attendance and passing the final examination is mandatory for a grade of "pass" in the course.


If you have questions regarding the course please contact the course leader (see contact information further down).


Registering in Ladok 

Registration for the course is mandatory. The registration period opens one weeks before the course starts and ends three days after the start. For more information, please see: Using Ladok as a doctoral student.

To log in to Ladok and register, please see: Ladok login page for students.

Please note that doctoral students at KI use their KI-login to login, while external PhD students login by using their KI student accounts (which must thus first be activated).

To learn more about how to activate your student account, please see: My student account


Accessing the IT based digital learning platform Canvas

Students will collaborate with help of the IT based learning platform Canvas. Access to Canvas will be given approximately one week before the course starts. You can read more about Canvas through the link below.


Student IT for external PhD students and central IT support/Helpdesk for KI doctoral students/staff members

All external PhD students who need help with activating their KI student accounts and/or logging in to Canvas must contact the Student IT support center.

All KI doctoral students in need of IT support related to their KI accounts must instead contact the central IT support for staff members, i.e. Helpdesk.


The course will not be running during the fall semester 2024.

Course evaluation

Course evaluations are collected via the quality system KI Survey and in conjunction with the guidelines set by the Committée of Education at Karolinska Institutet.

Most recently completed course evaluation.

Contact information

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Eric Asaba

Course director and examiner
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Hélène Von Strauss

Course administrator
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Caroline Erika Mattisson

Doctoral education administrator (NVS)
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Chris Bengtsson

Coordinator for the Doctoral Programme in Health Care Science (PUF-V)