Q&A for newly admitted students

On this page you will find answers on some of the frequently asked questions regarding the admission for autumn 2020

Welcome to Karolinska Institutet!

Congratulations to your choice of study! We are happy to welcome you here at Karolinska Institutet (KI). We will do our best in providing the information you need in order to have the most optimal KI start as possible. As a newly admitted student there are certain preparations you need to do in order to have a good starting point. Due to the current global situation there are unfortunatly some restrictions at the moment that may impact this fall semester. This page will be updated frequently. Please visit this page regularly!

We look forward to meeting you here!


Will I be able to come to Sweden in the autumn?
We are following the development of the every day and follow the decisions and recommendations from our Swedish Government. As we gain new information we will update our website. We urge you to stay updated regarding the current situation. Here are some pages to visit in doing so. Your safety is a priority for us.

Krisinformation.se - Emergency information from Swedish authorities
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
WHO website


When will I know if I am able to come to Sweden?
The health of our students and staff are important to us and we are following the recommendations and restrictions that the Government is sending out. This means that we are evaluating the situation every single day.


Will I be able to get healthcare when I´m in Sweden?
Yes. All our students are provided with an insurance from the Swedish Government. For those of you who will stay for longer than one year will also be able to get a Swedish personal identity number which gives you access to the national healthcare system.
Read more about the insurance for students here


Should I wait with the practical planning until I get a letter from you saying I can come to Sweden? 
Regardless the situation it is always good to be prepared so we would recommend to still plan as if you are coming to Sweden, but be ready for the event that this might change in the last minute.  


When should I book my ticket to Sweden?
We would recommend for you to wait as long as possible and to select re-bookable or re-fundable to be properly prepared for any rapid changes.


How about the accommodations? Are they safe and virusfree?
You can find information regarding accomodation on KI Housings website. You can also contact them for any specific questions.


If I apply for a resident permit during the summer and Sweden is still closed, what shall I do? 
All questions regarding the resident permit is answered by the Swedish Migration Agency.


Studies at KI

When is the last day to accept my study place? 
The last day to accept your study place is May 15. More information is sent to your email.


Are the studies online or campus based when the semester starts?
As of now we still do not know what the beginning of the semester will look like. Some courses will be held online while others are still being evaluated regarding the pandemic situation. We do expect to be back in our campuses as soon as it is considered safe and the swedish Government has changed their recommendations.


Will I still be able to attend the university in the fall even if its online?
Yes, you will still be able to attend your courses even if they might be online.


Do I have to pay tuition if the education is online?
Yes. The education will be the same even though the lecture format might change.


How does it work if I need help with my studies due to disability and it´s online?
We will do our best to offer the help needed for you to be able to study. However this might be limited depending on the situation and regulations in place. Visit this page for more information!


What is KI doing to keep their students safe?
For information about the measurements KI is taking regarding the safety of their students and staff visit this page.


Can I apply for a deferral due to the circumstances related to the Corona pandemic?
A deferral can only be granted if you are currently admitted, have accepted your admission and paid the first installment of the tuition fee (if applicable). You must also demonstrate a valid reason for your deferral request. Valid reasons for granting a deferral may be social circumstances, medical circumstances or other special circumstances such as caring for children, being called up for military service or civilian service, student union commissions, military training according to the ordinance (2015:613), or deferred statutory leave in accordance with the Swedish Education Leave Act (1974:981) [HF chapter 7, § 33 (1993:100) and UHRFS (2016:1)].

Unfortunately reasons such as financial shortage concerning payment of tuition fee or living expenses, difficulties to find an apartment, preferring to pursue another study or work opportunity, etc will not be sufficient for granting a deferral.

See instructions here


If I pay the first installment of the tuition fee and then receive a granted deferral, will you repay the payment?


Some exams have been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. This means that our studies may be disrupted and graduation may be delayed. Nothing is yet clarified. In that case, will there be any possibility for us to start our studies at KI ?

During the upcoming time, we will be in contact with students currently completing their Bachelor’s degrees.


Will it be safe for international students to study on campus?
The Swedish government decided May 29
to lift the restrictions about distance learning for the autumn semester 2020. This does not mean that everything will go back to normal. All restrictions applicable in the society will be applicable also for the universities. Risk assessment for all campus-based educational activities is done according to the existing templates. For KI it is important to fully comply with the general recommendations to prevent the spread of infection. All activities carried out on campus must comply with current recommendations from the Public Health Authority to reduce the spread of infection. For KI this means that all students cannot return to campus-based education immediately. With respect to the government’s decision and the prevailing recommendations, Karolinska Institutet has therefore decided which groups and activities are to be given priority on the KI campuses. Study programmes on Bachelor’s and Master’s level are among those. Please read more here.

Conditions and recommendations from government authorities can change quickly, and KI will of course follow the given recommendations, since safety for KI’s students and staff and for the society as such is prioritized by KI. Alt: since our foremost concern is the health, safety and security for our students and staff.


Payments and refunds (for non-EU/EEA students)

Due to the risks I need more time to think about coming to Sweden. Can I pay later?
Your application for residence permit won't be processed until you pay, so there is a risk that you won't get the residence permit on time if you pay later.

Due to the financial crisis will Karolinska Institutet be offering any additional scholarships for students who can no longer afford the tuition fee?
We are constantly evaluating how we can use funds in order to help as many students as possible. Read more on our scholarship page.

Is it possible to get a full refund if I am not able to come to Karolinska Institutet due to the risks related to the virus?
In case of refunds you can read more about it here!

Is it possible to pay smaller tuition fee instalments now and not pay for the full semester?
No it is not possible. In order to receive a residence permit for studies in Sweden, you must first have paid the tuition fee for your first semester. 

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