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Rahul Kanjilimadom - Master of Health Economics, Policy and Management student from India

Programme: Master of Health Economics, Policy and Management
From: India
Contact me in: English, Hindi, Malayalam

experience state-of-the-art teaching and research methods and techniques

Rahul's main reason to come to KI was to improve his skillset in health policy and economics. He chose KI because of its excellent reputation and for being home to the Nobel forum for physiology and medicine. The programme has met his expectations so far as it has a strong focus on experience sharing while still putting emphasis on different levels of expertise. One of his best experiences so far has been meeting his classmates for their first group assignments as he got to work with team mates from diverse backgrounds.

He believes that his degree will be the definitive component for his future role in the industry. He aspires to first further his education with doctoral studies and then to be involved in policy formulation of the public health sector.

This whole multi-cultural setting has made the memories all the more beautiful

Rahul will be sharing his experiences on KI’s Youtube Channel.