Sara Abu Ajamieh - Master's in Biomedicine student from Jordan/Sweden

Programme: Master's in Biomedicine
From: Jordan/Sweden
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KI became her second home after three years on the Bachelor’s Programme in Biomedicine. Enjoying her studies at KI, she decided to apply for a master’s as well.

One of the things she likes with KI is the focus on the latest trends and discoveries in translational research. She also appreciate how the programme director understands the importance of receiving students’ feedback to improve the level of education.

One of her best memories from KI was when her class went to a KI basketball game. Her classmates were competing against another university, but ended up joining the opponent team because that team did not have enough players. Her friends ended up winning against KI! They all later played together and had an incredible time. In the future she can picture herself finishing a PhD at KI. Then, maybe work in the Life Science industry? Who knows?