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We at Career Service offer career support and information about our activities through many different channels. One good way to get updates is through newsletters.

News on activities and career advice in general are sent out regularly in two different newsletters. Let us know if you have career news to share on events, competitions, grants, or articles on the topic. Contact for tips for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers: Contact for student tips:


Every other week our bilingual newsletter for undergraduate and graduate students "Studentnytt/StudentNews" is sent out. This is sent out to all registered students' ki email address automatically.

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If you do not get this and wish to subscribe for the Swedish newsletter you will be able to sign up to "Studentnytt/StudentNews" here.

Doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers

"Career News" in English focuses mainly on doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. If you wish to receive this newsletter, you need to sign up.

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There are some technical difficulties with the registration link. We are working to solve it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter, we kindly request you to please send us an email at

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