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Student influence

Students at higher education institutions are entitled to representation on all decision-making or preparatory bodies at the institution whose activities are of importance to educational programmes and the students' situation.

If a decision or preparatory work is to be undertaken by one single person rather than a body, information shall be given to and consultation be held with a student representative in good time before the decision or conclusion of the preparatory work. (Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 3 Section 9). The student representatives are appointed by the student unions.

It is Karolinska Institutet's policy for the students to be actively and meaningfully involved in the decision-making process.

The Board of Higher Education and its subordinate programme committees operate on the principle that over half their voting members, including the chairpersons or their deputies and at least one student representative, are to be present for the noard or committee to be quorate.

To find out more about becoming a student representative at KI, contact your union.

The Medical Student Union (MF)
The Dental Students' Union (OF)

Course evaluation

The Higher Education Ordinance entitles students who are participating in or have completed a course an opportunity to present their experiences of and views on the course through a course evaluation.

The department providing the course is in charge of carrying out the evaluation and for collating the evaluations as well as for releasing information about the results and any action occasioned by the course evaluations. The results are to be made available to the students.