Student information about education regarding COVID-19

[Updated 2022-08-26] This information is aimed at students at Karolinska Institutet regarding teaching due to COVID-19. This page is updated if new recommendations or information apply.

The Swedish Public Health Agency and the government phased out most measures against COVID-19 on 9 February.

COVID-19 vaccine

KI encourages students and employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Find Information on how to get the vaccine on

If you do not have a Swedish personal number:

Contact your closest healthcare centre (Vårdcentral) to make an appointment. You can either use the search tool "Hitta vård"  (in Swedish) to find your closest healthcare centre or you can call the Swedish healthcare service 1177 directly (available in English) for contact details. 

COVID certificate

If you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Stockholm but do not have a personal identification number or coordination number, you have had your vaccinations registered on a reserve number. To receive your COVID certificate call the phone support number: 08-123 365 78.

The COVID certificate will be sent to you as a registered letter. You must have a valid ID document such as a passport, ID, or driver's license to collect the covid certificate. LMA cards are not valid.

Find information about COVID certificate on the Swedish eHealth Agency

If you have taken the second dose in another EU country, you can get a vaccination certificate there.

If you have been vaccinated in a country outside the EU or EEA you can get a vaccination certificate in Sweden in certain cases. Read more about what applies on the Swedish eHealth agency's website

On-site training (VFU) and internships  

Students who are currently doing an internship or are in on-site training (VFU) should follow the instructions they receive from their respective employers. 

Newly admitted degree students

Coronavirus FAQ for newly admitted degree students

Student exchange

Travel to Sweden during the corona pandemic

It is essential that you read the information about your travel to Sweden.

Everyone should follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden's recommendations.

Find information about requirements and documents that you may need on the Swedish Police Authority's website.

Outgoing students

For information about studies abroad, visit the page Information about exchange studies and studies related to the coronavirus.