For students attending the course Cell Biology, Development and Regeneration (6 credits) course code 4BI126

The main objective of this course is to introduce the student to the latest advances in the fields of stem cell and developmental biology, regenerative medicine, genetics and genomics.

Using a translational approach, the course will provide increased understanding of systems biological functions in health and disease. The importance of sex and gender perspectives, sustainable development and internationalization in biomedical research will be presented.



Doctoral course 1: Sep 25 - Sep 29 3080 Gene regulation in the early human embryo

Doctoral course 2: Oct 2 - Oct 13 5223 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Biomedical and Clinical Research

Doctoral course 3: Oct 16 - Oct 20 5562 Stem cells and organoids models with focus on regenerative medicine


Registration is mandatory in order to keep your place and participate in the course. You register yourself in Ladok. The registration period is from Sep 18 until Sep 27, 2023. More information about web registration.

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