For students attending the course Child and Adolescent Pscyhiatry course code 2LK111

During part Development, all students will also take part of teaching in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, a total of approximately 3,5 days. There will be lectures, case seminars and an examination assignment.


Course layout

You should be familiar with the major differences between child psychiatry and adult psychiatry after your prior course in Psychiatry. This part starts with an overview lecture. During your placement at each children's hospital, two seminars take place in smaller groups, where you need to prepare yourself by going through a few patient cases that we will discuss together at the seminar.

We also have a full day focusing on suicide prevention and what to do when you meet suicidal children and adolescnets. Even if that day is not mandatory, we highly recommend it. It has been conducted for over 1,000 participants in various contexts and is usually appreciated precisely because it contains clinically useful elements. Among other things, you will practice formulating a suicide risk motivation. Feel free to bring your computer with you.

At the end of the course, you need to submit an examination assignment based on a patient case from your clinical placement in pediatrics. There are clear assessment criteria. Afterwards, you will receive personal comments from one of our seminar leaders that are well worth reading. In some cases, you may need to supplement something in the assignment based on the evaluation.


Schedule Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Please look at the schedule for the site where you will be doing your rotation.

Jens Högström

Training director Child and Adolescent Psychiatry