Student life

Studying at Karolinska institutet is more than just doing your coursework. On this page you can find tips that will help you make the most of your time as a student on KI.

Students hanging out

Student life in Stockholm and Sweden

Vlog: How to survive Swedish winter

Yeung shows you how to get through the Swedish winter.

Vlog: A day in the life of a KI student

Join digital ambassador Joseba on a typical day as a student at KI!

Student budget

Social life

Fitness and wellbeing

Sports facilities at Campus Solna

Digital ambassador Clàudia shows you around the sports facilities at Campus Solna.

Campus life

What does it look like at campus Flemingsberg?

Join bachelor's student Linnea Wester on a tour around Campus Flemingsberg.

What does it look like at campus Solna?

Join master's student Jie-Hyun Choi on a tour around Campus Solna.