For students attending the course Digital Health from an Entrepreneurship Perspective course code 4BI102

The course is aimed at students in all of KI:s undergraduate programmes (a minimum of 120 credits and proficiency in English equivalent to English B/English 6.), with an interest in analyzing the area of digital health from an entrepreneurship perspective. The course aims to enable students to lead entrepreneurial projects in digital health by navigating context specific challenges and opportunities.


About the course

There is no doubt that the increasingly widespread digitalisation is changing the way we think about and relate to many industries and business areas. In this respect, the welfare and health sectors are no exception. At the same time, the industry is facing a large number of challenges, all with a possible impact on services and products developed. In this course, we will therefore adopt a practical approach to understanding, designing and testing new digital technologies of relevance to health care. We will especially explore digital health by discussing and problematising the industry's challenges, visions, ethics and global perspectives. The course will include lectures, seminars, discussion forums and workshops. In addition to the course management, you will learn from industry experts, researchers, representatives from authorities and NGO:s, as well as your peer students.


The schedule is published in Canvas about two weeks before the course start. At that time you will get access to Canvas.

Course analysis and course evaluation

The course evaluation consists of the student's answers to the course questionnaire and is part of Karolinska Institutet:s quality management system. The course evaluation is carried out in accordance with the guidelines established by the Committee for Education at the undergraduate and advanced level. The teacher's analysis of the course evaluation results (course analysis) will be published together with the results from the course evaluation (without free text answer) no later than one month after the end of the course.

Recommended literature

Wulfovich S, Meyers D, editors. Digital Health Entrepreneurship. Springer; 2020.


Madelen Lek

Course director and examinator

Liisa Olsson

Course administrator

Malin Sandell

Study Councelor