For students attending the course Frontiers in Biomedicine: Research Project 1 (15 hp) course code 4BI114

The aim of the course is to broaden and deepen the student's methodological knowledge within the field of biomedical research in the context of a scientific project.



Information about the course - Welcome information


The course starts on Mar 21, 2023 at 13.00 in lecture hall XXX (XXX).

The course web on Canvas will be regularly updated. Please also check the Announcements there on a regular basis for urgent notices!



Registration is mandatory in order to keep your place and participate in the course. You register yourself in Ladok. There is no registration period as such but you need to have registered at course start. More information about web registration.



The latest schedule can be found in TimeEdit.

A preliminary fixed schedule is available here. (to be updated)

The course will be held on Solna Campus (examinations) otherwise the project can be performed elsewhere at KI, other universities or industry.

Things to do before the course start

You will have to find a project and supervisor before course start and submit a project plan on Canvas. More information will become available on Canvas.

Access to Canvas will be provided to students attending the course before course start.

Course survey and analysis

The course is evaluated according to the guidelines set by the Board of Education (now Committee of Education).

Since this is a new course no previous surveys and analysis are available as yet.

to be filled with survey and analysis - only dummy for now

Contact information

Bernhard Lohkamp

Course Director

Victoria Balabanova

Course Administrator

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